All Content Must Go!

by Johnny Utterback

2% 02:44
Obfusc 04:51


2007-2009: the peak years and beginning of the decline of myspace. Myspace served as the primary vehicle for an introduction into a world of music that truly spoke to me, so much so that I began producing in early 2006. The track titles are named after connections from myspace. These individuals had a direct impact on me during the process of making this album in some way, either through words of support and critique, being a friend, an inspiration, or all of the above. This album is for you all, for the shaping and forming of my current mind and ear. This also goes out to Chino Amobi, who pushed me to assemble this, showing that nothing needs to be too precious and to find the beauty in the incompletion or haphazard nature of pieces. The photo was taken this year (2018) at an auction with my wonderful wife Peyton, and the banner was the impetus to release this.

The video for "Obfusc" can be viewed here:


released May 4, 2018

A collection of tracks produced by Johnny Utterback 2007-2009, assembled in 2013.

Mastered by Andrew Weathers in 2013.




Johnny Utterback Richmond, Virginia

Johnny Utterback is a graphic designer and photographer by trade who has been experimenting with audio for over a decade, formerly under the moniker ‘counterspark’. Primarily focused on ambient electronica, Johnny pulls inspiration from his work in the visual realm and distills that into sound. Johnny has done several remixes for a variety of artists and is featured on Chino Amobi’s PARADISO. ... more

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